Episode-2 Codeigniter Create Database in Navicat

Most people in the web development world are under the impression that phpMyAdmin is the only MySQL client out there for websites. Going a step further, some users are aware of alternative however assume that phpMyAdmin is the best. Now, I agree that phpMyAdmin is one of the best out there and is is very user friendly. I myself also used phpMyAdmin much until recently… I got introduced to another program which within an hour became my favourite and also this led me to research others out there. Thus, this post!

in this video you would be learnt that how to create connection and then create database with tables, apply Primary key and  indexing.


I'm Ayaz Ahmed Mast, I am a web developer and Instructor at Al Fateem Academy. My current weapons of choice are PHP CodeIgniter, jQuery, AJAX and Laravel. Being a Developer, I help clients bring their ideas into reality. Contact me today and I would love to hear about your business.

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