I'm Ayaz Ahmed Mast, I am a web developer and Instructor at Al Fateem Academy. My current weapons of choice are PHP CodeIgniter, jQuery, AJAX and Laravel. Being a Developer, I help clients bring their ideas into reality. Contact me today and I would love to hear about your business.

15 Replies to “Source Files of Codeigniter Project

      1. A little favor!!
        I am developing the cms panel from the scratch with the help of your tutorials. I have a little issue. Can you please provide the admin panel you’ve started work on in the the start of Lecture # 6??
        As its difficult to figure out the right code and arrange i!


        1. I am glad to hear you are working on CMS Panel but I don’t have an Empty CMS Panel for you or anyone
          I have an idea for you download my source file and remove all the PHP work from my panel and you may use it from start.

          Thank you,

        1. Thank you for appreciating of my Tutorials
          I have an Institute where I teach Web Development and PHP programming
          if you are interested to learn LARAVEL come and join us.

  1. my login is working when i have index.php file but its not working when i remove it. error 404 url not found on the server can you plz help me?

    1. Sure I have an Institute of Web Programming with the name of Al-Fateem Academy at

      Al-Fateem Academy office #91 Falak Corporate City near Pakistan Post Office Bolton Market Karachi, Pakistan

  2. make us step by step you word fast because you know how to work on codeigniter but i am fresh candidate and i do not have any idea about codeigniter

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