Change apache friends XAMPP Port on Windows

Sometimes we have to use IIS and XAMPP at same time in the running operating system. In the technical speaking IIS and Apache run at the same default port “80″. Therefore, we have to change default port either IIS or XAMPP, it depends on you. Jokes a part I never change any Microsoft defaults, nobody knows what happen if you do change

1. Beginning

To change the XAMPP server port, stop the server, if it is running already. Goto the XAMPP installation folder and locate the “httpd.conf” file into “<drive>:\xampp\apache\conf” and open it into Text Editor.

2. Edit configuration file

In the configuration file goto line # 47 or find below line in the file.

Listen 80

and replace the port 80 into your desire port:

Listen 1000

in the next step goto line # 176 or find below line in the file

ServerName localhost:80

and replace the port into the same port which you wrote in the line # 47

ServerName localhost:1000

3. Closing

Save the file and start your XAMPP server or restart your system. Now your IIS and XAMPP will work simultaneously or alternatively you can change IIS port instead of XAMPP port.

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